Deregistration of Hong Kong Company

In order to deregister a private limited company in Hong Kong, it must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The company has never conducted any business, or ceased operation or has ceased to carry on business for at least three months, at the time when the application for deregistration.
  • The company has no outstanding debt.

If the company has outstanding debts, it can apply for deregistration unless it’s corporate debt:

  • undertaken by its parent or affiliated companies, or the company's founding member, director or shareholder who make commitment and settled ; or
  • its creditors are willing to give up or waive the company's debt and the implementation of the waiver of debt covenants.
Registration Offices Deregistration, Close Registration Offices in China

Any one of the following circumstances of a foreign enterprise when encounter the following matters, shall upon occurrence such events, within 60 days, apply to the registration authority for cancellation of registration:

  • revocation of representative offices of foreign enterprises;
  • for a representative office, upon at the expiration period , no longer to continue to engage in business activities ;
  • foreign enterprises terminated ;
  • the representative body is annulled approved or ordered to close.

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